About Us

Welcome to Baby Luv Designs. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to a comfortable and fun organic bamboo maternity wear collection for all seasons, “must have” accessories and a luxurious organic skincare range in our easy to use online shop.

As mother to a beautiful son and daughter, it was during my first pregnancy that I found myself searching the Internet for stylish and unique every day maternity wear that was fun and easy to wear. Not being able to find what I was looking for, I started designing my own maternity tee shirts that had printed sayings describing how I was feeling and that of course were fun and most importantly comfortable.

Baby Luv Designs was then established, an opportunity for me to share my designs with other mothers-to-be that wanted sassy, modern, fun and comfortable clothing, ‘maternity wear with attitude’. During my second pregnancy I wore my tees constantly. The luxurious bamboo fabric made them incredibly comfortable as daywear and a perfect alternative for active and nightwear. The tees have extra stretch that enables stylish wear throughout the pregnancy. From there, I began to build a collection of just as comfortable fun and funky baby wear.

Today, we are all very conscious of the environment, what we eat; the detergents and house hold products we use, waste disposal and what products we put on our skin. With this in mind, it was important to provide an eco-friendly fabric that was not only safe for the environment but also safe for you and your baby. The first collection was made from organic bamboo and when used for clothing it provides the following benefits:

  • Luxurious softness that sits beautifully on the skin
  • Superb moisture absorption (3 times greater than cotton)
  • Natural anti-bacteria agent (known as ‘bamboo kun’)
  • ‘Cool in summer’ and ‘warm in winter’
  • Excellent ventilation and reduced odour absorption

The next season’s collections include garments for both mother-to-be and baby all made in Australian using 100% certified organic cotton. This cotton is grown without the use of insecticides or pesticides and is therefore better on your skin. In addition, organic cotton compared to conventional cotton wears better (i.e. lasts longer) and is often more breathable than some “high-tech” synthetic materials. Organic cotton fibres are longer and softer, making them more comfortable to wear. Organic cotton farms require less water and the treatment process is chemical free, and there is no nitrogen leaching, therefore respecting and preserving our water resources.

Now being incredibly aware of the difference between standard and organic or natural products, my research became a passion and has led me to discover a range of luxurious accessories and skincare to complement the Baby Luv Designs clothing collection.

Here at Baby Luv Designs we know you and your baby will love our collections as much as we do.

Happy shopping,
BabyLuv Designs